Fun, frustrating, exciting, exhausting - with ADHD all of these can be felt in the course of just one hour!


I help students develop the specific systems necessary to overcome their unique challenges by addressing diverse learning needs of outside-the-box thinkers. My coaching is personalized to help individuals shine. 


Laurie Banfell 


As a veteran educator, I have spent the past 23 years helping my students discover their hidden strengths and assuring them and their families, that every child is capable of achieving amazing things.


My passion for education has given me a dedication to teaching and working with children. It brings me extreme satisfaction connecting with each child and supporting their growth as a classroom teacher, private tutor and ADHD Coach. 

Like an athletic coach, an ADHD coach is part cheerleader and part taskmaster, encouraging a child and teaching them the skills necessary to succeed. 

I help to improve the executive skills that are holding them back. As an ADHD Coach I can positively impact your child socially and academically, and in the process, increase their self-esteem.


  • Classroom Teacher, 23 years

  • ADHD/ ADD Coach

  • Private Tutor

  • ADHD/  ADD Parent/
    Educator Workshop

Education and Certification

  • ​Bachelors of Science, 
    Elementary Education/
    Early Childhood

  • Licensed Teacher, FL and LA

  • CHADD - Children & Adults
    with Attention-Deficit /
    Hyperactivity Disorder


  • Certified ADHD/ADD Coach

"Having ADD myself, I can relate to

the frustration children go through."


How I can help...

Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized by behaviors and thought patterns that can be counterintuitive to leading a productive life.


As a certified coach, I provide thoughtful, individualized sessions designed to meet your child’s needs. They think, learn and process differently so they need strategies tailored to their unique personalities.  We will will work together to identify behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are not working for them or their families.

Your child will identify how they would like their lives to be and set attainable goals that reflect these desired outcomes. We will design effective strategies that break these goals down into manageable steps that include:

  • Strategic planning 

  • Organization

  • Time  management

  • Working Memory

  • Self-Monitoring

  • Self-Control

  • Focus

  • Starting Tasks

  • Flexible Thinking

  • Perseverance

I can help your child turn things around today, and start heading down the road to success. With ADHD Coaching, your child can make meaningful progress, build confidence, and feel empowered.


I offer a FREE initial consultation.


My fee is $80 per hour

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